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based from the chinese english poem “but you didn’t”
inspired by this chinese comic and this ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ




magi tea?? sadly I might actually buy this i love tea

aladdin (Blend of jasmine tea and peppermint)
alibaba (Keemun tea with fragrance of blood orange and bergamot)
morgiana (Keemun tea with fragrance of rose)
judal (Ceylon tea with fragrance of blackberry)
sinbad (Blend of keemun and ceylon tea with fragrance of hibiscus, litchi and ylang-ylang)
ja’far (Blend of green tea, ginger, cinnamon and lemon myrtle)


there is no next year for third years

Click here to support Vet. visit for Carleigh. ▷



"Hi, so I’m not very good at asking for help but this morning my mother set up a gofundme account for Carleigh, which is our dog. My mom and brother both lost their jobs, and finding one myself is proving to be difficult, so right now there really isn’t any money coming in, which sucks because Carleigh is in serious need of seeing a vet. She’s got lumps on her body, she’s having difficulty going to the bathroom to the point where I honestly think she might be in pain from the way she attempts, she’s becoming more and more lethargic, and now her appetite is starting to wane. Her not wanting to eat is a pretty big sign because she’s our little piggy, and has always wanted to eat (after her seizure she quickly back to begging for food). Vet bills are expensive, super expensive, so we’re asking for any help we can get. If you’re unable to donate, please reblog and help spread this around. Any little bit helps.”

My friend really doesn’t want to bother people with this, but since I can’t donate money for her I’ve decided to be the annoying one and ask to a bunch of people to help her and her dog. That’s what she wrote in the original post, if you want to reblog that one or this one, either one is okay. Please please donate if you can and if you don’t, at least please reblog either posts so it can reach other people and maybe someone will help. There’s a very nice and cute dog that needs help, and it would mean the world if anyone could help. It doesn’t matter how much you can donate or how many times you can reblog, anything will do. Thanks a lot.


i always end up thinking about the economic damage in superhero movies


list of people i like:

  1. dogs


when u take a cookie without askin mama



a zoo of dogs dressed up as other animals

  1. gunsgobang님이 남긴 말: it me hello and good luck friend 8) keep on drawin <3

    OH  MY GOD WHAT A CUTIE THANK YOU BABY/// <333333 hope you have a nice wonderful daY YOU WONDERFUL PERSON <3


a part of work

ya need to remember that youre very young and if u keep on improving at drawing etc at the rate you have over past few years u will be even more amazing than u are right now in no time
익명 회원

;A; omg you kind kind nice anon omg anon <3333333 show urself  u sweet sweet anon but omg i really appreciate ur words!! ;w; that gave me a lot of inspiration and motivation thank you <33333333333

I didn't knew that you drew,but your drawings are amazing <33

amazing??? omg i’m really glad u think so muraa~ thank you!! <33

you art is so cute =7=

YUEEEE~~~ omg thank you q w q!! <33